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Goodall’s have been growing strawberries on their farm in Lymington since 1912. There have been plenty of changes since then, but the basic principle of producing top quality fruit has never changed.

When Herbert Goodall took on the farm in 1912 his was a small family farm. Just like so many in the area at that time, they would rear cows for beef and dairy, pigs and chickens would be running round and the crops to feed the animals of course were produced by each farm. What set Mr Goodall apart from his neighbours were his famous sweet and tasty strawberries, and his secrets of success have been passed down through the generations.

Herbert’s son Alan would employ local women to come early in the morning to pick the strawberry crop before they then went off to work in Wellworthy’s Factory, the largest employer in Lymington producing pistons for engines. Alan needed to get his crop picked and packed ready to leave on the early train from Lymington Pier where they would meet all the other freshly picked strawberries in Swanwick Station to be forwarded on the length and breadth of the British Isles.

Brian Goodall, Alan’s son, now looks after the farm and all its diversities. Of course as well as a successful fruit farm Brian has expanded into the leisure realms with a highly successful golf course and latterly the crazy golf at the Lymington Golf Centre, which neighbours the farm. Of course the strawberry production will always be his first love as you can see when you visit, his dedication shines through. The pick your own side of the business expanded into cherries, raspberries and a great little farm shop, run by Brian’s wife, Pauline and daughter Cathy. The shop is small, unique and stuffed full of homemade jams and marmalade, local eggs and this year for the first time, home grown asparagus.


Goodalls Farm 

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