Goodall's Strawberries - Come and find us on the farm where everyting is fresh and sweet!
Over the years we have expanded our fruit and vegetable range. Now we don't just produce delicious strawberries we also grow early raspberries, cherries and blueberries.
We grow as many as eight varieties of strawberry so we can extend the season. Using polytunnels are fantastic for helping the strawberries come a little earlier and protecting the fruit. A lovely place to be picking on a wet day.
Our seasonal farm shop (1st May to August) stocks an assortment local produce. Don't miss Maggie's wonderful strawberry jams, she has been known to make 12 different varieties!


Strawberries..................May to July
Raspberries...............June to Mid July
Cherries........................July June
Blue Berries....................Mid July
 These dates may vary due to the weather.

Strawberry nutrition.
Strawberries can be classed as a superfood due to their nutrient content and delicious taste. Just one serving, a cupful, will provide you with a high amount of vitamin C (149% of your daily recommendation for 2000 calories a day diet) which will help to support your immune system, will help your body to absorb iron and will help your body to stay healthy and fight damaging free radicals.
A Cupful of Strawberries also contains 3% of your daily recommendation for iron, 2% of calcium, and 12% of fibre. Studies have also shown they can be eaten to help reduce high blood pressure because they contain a good level of potassium.

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